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Angela Pisanu - Editor, GreenFleet EuropeThere is evidence to suggest that governments around the world are warming to the idea of putting driverless vehicles on the roads. The British Government has announced it will allow autonomous vehicles to be tested on public roads in January 2015, the Swedish government has permitted volvo to test its driverless vehicles on the roads in 2017, and in California, Nevada and Florida in the US, Google’s driverless car has done more than 300,000 miles.

A driverless vehicle can sense its surroundings with video cameras, radar sensors, lasers and GPS to navigate without human input. The benefits are said to include improve safety, reduce congestion and lower emissions. And for fleet drivers, if the driver is not having to drive, he or she can be more productive by responding to calls or emails, for example. The topic of driverless cars is examined by Kevin Curran from the University of Ulster and senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

This issue of GreenFleet Europe also examines the use of hydrogen as an transport fuel, examining some of the common concerns that surround this energy source, as well as a round up green vehicles from the LA Auto Show, which showcased many new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that will enter the market in the future.

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